Kat in the Attic Illustrations

'Creating something out of anything.'

Welcome to the Kat in the Attic's Homepage!

I am the Kat and this is the Attic that houses my illustrations and other creative works.

I live, breath and obviously draw stories, I love Illustration because they work with the words to tell a unique story to create something special for the reader, in whatever form it takes, whether it is a magazine, book or an advertisement. I specialise in work for books and comics if you look in the Gallery section you can see examples of this. I also have my own comic I am creating to find out more visit the MY COMIC link.

Another side to my art is the 3D element, for which I create make up effects and props for short films and theatre projects. WARNING: There is some gorey effects in the 3D gallery and although these are in no way real and created using make up some people may find these disturbing and should proceed with caution. Having said that there are also some cute pictures of puppets I have created so it is not all gross and weird. This is where the phrase ' Creating something out of anything,' comes from, because I hold with the fact that these effects can be created for any budget and most of them are created out of anything I can find lying around including newspaper and salotape, even though you wouldn't believe it if you looked at them. Go on have a look :)

Have a look around and I hope you like what I have been creating while I have been locked away in the Attic :)

Best Wishes

The Kat In The Attic