Kat in the Attic Illustrations

'Creating something out of anything.'

About Me

Hi my name is Kat...

I am a slightly Gothic artist from a wonderful little village in  the North of England :)

 The way I work depends on whether I am doing Illustration work or 3D constructions.

When creating Illustration pieces I work mainly work in watercolour, acrylic, pencil crayon and ink, creating comic book style work with a slight cartoon edge and high colour. I love working traditionaly as it just adds that bit of texture to a piece of work.

When working in 3D I tend to work, again with a lot of paint, card, fake blood and other things that I can find to create props and make up for films and shows. This is actually where the phrase 'creating something out of anything,' came from as my friend (who I work with a lot) once said to me that I could produce a prop out of anything that I found.

I studied for a Btec in Design at North Lindsey college and then went on to Swansea Metropolitan University where I studied Illustration and developed my style as an artist.

I am one half of the Team that makes up Cyborg Kitty Comics an independant comic book publishing company, and I am the make up artist and prop maker for a couple of new independant film companies :)

My work is best suited to book Illustration, comic books and childrens book, magazines, logos, advertisements and stroyboards.

I also enjoying blogging about my creations as a way of showing some of my short stories and telling people a littl bit about my latest creations at http://katintheattic.wordpress.com/

You can follow me on Twitter @katintheattic

Or if you are interested in my work and would like to commission something, send me feedback or just generally want to say something about my work or the website :) e-mail kat@kat-in-the-attic.com

I look forward to hearing from you :)