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Just a quick update

Posted by Kat on May 11, 2010 at 12:33 PM Comments comments (0)



Hope everyone is doing well....


just a very quick update....


I have finished the lettering for the first issue of my comic book series Dee and Okault's Detective and Heroing Agency this is a source of joy for me and so I thought I would trya dn make it so for everyone else as well, so here is a link to the website where I have put the first Issue up free to read. If anyone wants a hard copy don't hesistate to get in contact and i will put your name down on the list for one of the first prints when i get the first Issue printed. Though there is the possibility that I may wait and  instead release the first story as a graphic novel as I am quite near completing the second and third Issues. of course if this is the case I may still print off individual ones if people would prefer it that way.


here is the link http://issuu.com/kataleena/docs/issue1-thehotel

Though it is going to stay the same I think I will change the type for the printed version, something which suits the comic style a little better.

Best Wishes

the kat in the attic :)

Dee and Okaults Detective and Heroing Agency

Posted by Kat on April 28, 2010 at 2:29 PM Comments comments (0)



Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine I am not particularly but that is because everything I own is black ( this is only because nothing else suits me, but still) this means that with summer comes the fact that i am way too warm and yet refuse to buy any white clothes as for some reason white looks weird on me. Nevermind though its so lovely and pretty outside now that I dont care.


Anyway I have just started putting the lettering on Dee and Okault's Detective and Heroing Agency, as the person who was going to the lettering unfortunately has found themselves unable to do it so i have taken up the job, it is slightly unfortunate as he is a very good letterer. :dry:


As i dont think I explained it well the first time i think i might just tell you a little bit about this comic book series and where it came from.


Dee and Okault's is basically a series of strories which are basically a combination of everything i am passionate about, they are detectives and heroes, this representives my love of the old style detective stories, crime noir, Poirot and Sherlock Holmes and the Heroe is there because of my love of adventure stories and weird fantasy tales like Lord of the Rings, it also comes from my love of hero comics and the many masked avengers that have graced the pages of the comic book world, although you wouldn't know this to look at Dee as he looks like he has been plucked out a fantasy novel and is completely lacking spandex. The gothic twist and the supernatural is probably a homage to every vampire stroy and classic gothic novel I have a ever read and a tribute to my love of a certain vampire slayer. Lily, lily is a special character as she represents every Goth i have ever met at whitby goth weekend, unable to hide there gothic nature and yet cheerful friendly no matter what the stereotype suggests.

The main premise of the story obviously changes depending on the case, but basically they are an agency that gets hired for the weird and the wackey, but not in the way you would expect as i do have odd sense of humour and have put in some weird things for the detectives to face, at leat i think so, so it wont be a stereotypical supernatural detective thing.


Tag line:

In a city with no name a detective whose only aim in life is the location of bacon sandwiches and the next cup of Tea, is stuck with a brother with a one day memory who thinks he's a Hero and a gothic secretary who is overtly cheerful and actually makes him to some detective work.

That is the basic concept in a sentence i just thought i would tell you a little about where it came from.:)


Also Issue two and three of the comic series are nearly finished writing and ready to illustrate, so all is well in that area.

Best Wishes

the kat in the attic

First Ever Entry

Posted by Kat on March 29, 2010 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Everyone,


This is the first ever entry by the Kat in the Attic, which is something to be celebrated ( well in my opinion anyway) perhaps an occasion which should be celebrated with some form of cake.


Okay news! :)

Hopefully by the time you read this the first issue of the comic will be completed. The comic is Dee and Okault's Detective and Heroing Agency, It is about a miserable detective, a hero with a one day memory and a hyper-active gothic secretary who solve the stranger cases in a city with no name. It is an idea that was supposed to be just a hobby of mine, I never fully intended it to be a finished comic as I thought no one would be interested in these overly odd characters, then people started clamouring for me to finish this comic and start the Dee and okault series. So this brings to what I was originally going to say...The First Issue is nearly done! Can you tell I am excited...

 Now i just have to wait for the letterer to put the letters on and then the first issue is completed :) Now that is definately worth a celebratory cake.


The second and third issues are starting to take a good shape, so that is another bonus. So yay for bonuses!


Also the series of cards aimed at the Gothic community is starting to look good and should be ready to sell soon.


Anyway catch you on the next blog when i have a more news.

Best Wishes

The Kat in the Attic