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Posted by Kat on July 22, 2012 at 3:50 AM

Hi ,

I have been working on so many projects at the moment that eventually i realised there is a time to stop and go hey! I think my website needs a little updating :) I am not going to go as far a to change the banner at the top of anything, not yet anyway, at the moment I still like that banner :) But I do think it is about time I updated the bio, about me, and the gallery and other stuff that sometimes gets neglected.

Oddly enough the thing that I am most happy with about the updates, is on the about me page I have now drawn a cartoon of me in my style to represent what I look like. I did debate this for ages, should I have a photo or should I have an illustration. There are arguments for each case, with a photo people can see what you look like and decide whether you look a nice and friendly person, but I am an Illustrator and as such I feel that a photograph would not be the right way to represent myself  at this point. At this time I am more and more in love with art and comic books and i felt a comic book character of myself would show this, I have drawn myself in the clothes I most often wear when creating, a shirt to protect from the paint and shorts so that should any materials fall on my legs I won't ruin my trousers ( this has happpened a few times) It is not that I am a messy painter, but I often use things like paint and make up things that may ruin my clothes and my thought is better safe then sorry :) I am also never without a sketchbook near and this is why I am holding one in the image and I am wearing a badge saying I love paint, because no matter what other mediums I use and love, paint is always my favourate. And the people who have seen this cartoon do say that it looks like me, so until I find a photo that can convey this much about me in one shot I think I'd like to keep the cartoon me :) It was a bit odd to try and draw myself though as I never really gave much thought to what I looked like until I did this drawing :)

If you wold like to see what else I have been up to check out http://katintheattic.wordpress.com/

That is all for now :)

The Kat in the Attic :)

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