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Posted by Kat on July 2, 2010 at 10:59 AM




Hope everyone is getting chance to enjoy the sun and isn't working themselves too hard.


Some ineteresting notifications ( well I find them interesting feel free to not find them as interesting :) I have been working on my make up techniques for theatre and film recently in between artwork and have been wondering whether i should put them up on the website to view as I think some people find them a little freakey, I decided yes I will put them up as although they are not part of my Illustration work they are also a big part of what i like to do. Ever since I was a child I have helped my parents when they have been doing face painting and make up for plays and fetes and have always loved to do that sort of thing. I love experimenting with the make up techniques as it is a totally different way of working and is a good break from traditional illustration.


By doing this I got a friend interested and he asked me to make him some puppets for his latest theatre project, Reaper and Daughter, he wanted a puppet which was comical, cute, old and scary, so not a hard brief then : ) I will be putting up the finished puppet in the 3D gallery section, he says he really loves it and now and can't wait to put the show on even more, so brilliant news there : )


I have started to Illustrate the second Issue of my comic book inbetween other projects but already it is taking a good shape and Issue 3 is finished in writing and ready to Illustrate also. A project which took longer then expected as I couldn't figure out what the ending should be, which is why I left it for a while, went through it and voila! everything just fell into place.


I am also about to begin a stop motion project, and I have been doing some tattoo designs, so watch the gallery for more Illustrations and interesting art in the next few weeks.

Best Wishes

The Kat in the Attic : )

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