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Posted by Kat on October 11, 2010 at 9:24 AM



I havent posted in ages but if it makes you feel any better i havent posted on my random blog either in ages. Which if you fancy reading it it is here...http://katintheattic.wordpress.com/. This is somewhere where i thought i would use to vent my need to write randomness and although it is not art based i thought it would be nice to join the blogging scene and join the trend.


okay updates....I am currently fighting to make things out of latex 3D wise and losing as i have managed to knock the latex all over twice now. Whose betting there will be a third lol. I am also making a mummy type thing for my friends costume for a book signing by Paul Magyrs in whitby at the goth weekend, I think he wanted the most realistic and random costume he could manage to get so i got roped in to helping him.  Pictures of these creations will gradually seep into the gallery so keep a look out, should be interesting.


I have painted a portrait of a friend and her baby and that turned out really well so once i have got a good photo that will be in the gallery, this was the first time i have used oils properly so i was quite pleased and it alos led to someone else asking me to do them a painting, which is fantastic. Except what with all the 3D work i am doing there was a little bit of reaction with the oil paints that turned the paint on the faces green whoops! its all good though should be able to sort it out, if not i'll start again.


On the comic front what with other projects this has had to be put on the back burner, but i have translated it all to black and white so it should be all finished soon.

So yeh that is the updates so far

best wishes

the kat in the attic

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