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Posted by Kat on December 7, 2010 at 6:09 AM

Okay so I haven't posted a new entry in a while eep! am sorry I have been trying to catch up on art and also we have managed to occumilate a lot of snow here for britain and so doing art has also been interspersed with digging ourselves out of snow drifts.


Actually this is gonna sound slightly bizzarre but the snow has meant that I haven't actually got more done on my comic then I have done in a while as it has forced me to stay in and work on it, interspersed with lots of cups of tea. The art for issue two is complete and mostly scanned in and put toghether and I am nearly ready to put the words on. Isssue 3 is nearly ready to be planned out and drawn, and i have come up with a rather bizzarre ending, but then again the first story for my detective agency revolves around fighting a building so you know the way to get rid of it was always going to be a bit nuts. But no! they do not use a giant wrecking ball, though that would be cool :)


 I have also created a website for the comic itself which when it is finished should  be a place where you can look at stuff to do with the comic and have lots of random extras and of course buy it if you want to. Though it may be longer then anticipated as i insist on doing it myself but i am not a website designer and things keep going worng a little bit, but i am hopeful and I think it is going to look good when i am finished :) 


Best Wishes

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