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Posted by Kat on February 12, 2011 at 5:00 PM



There are only so many ways I can say there are new images in the galleries and that is by saying this....there are new images in the galleries, well new ones in the 3D gallery of some masks and puppets that I made. The trouble is whenever I come to write a blog post I manage to forget everything that would be of interest to put and write about : )


I recently created the make up effects for a zombie photoshoot, unfortunately i am unable to put photos up yet as the photographer wants to use them for an exhibition and doesn't want them to be published before he does this, obviously! : ) i created something I hadn't created before for the shoot, ribs, this was fun and made me realise how much my make up effects are just glue and latex and random things, the photographer seemed very pleased with them and even kept them as a souvenir, I must be honest I was slightly dismayed at this as I was quite pleased with them and really wanted them myself, but I am running out of room with all the puppets and 3D work I do so he probably did me a favour, and I was just happy he liked them : ) I loved doing the shoot though I did feel sorry for the zombie in the cold in just a shirt thats ripped and some ribs for warmth.


My comic is going well i have written issue 3 and 4 and have started issue 5 ( when i say started i mean i have written a few begginings several times and screwed them up and thrown them in the bin : )


Oh and I came up with a solution to carrying a heavy portfolio around conventions, i got a mini photo book made at snapfish.co.uk  its small and conveniant for carrying and will show people my work : ) sorted! : )

Thats all I can think of to report at the moment : )

Best Wishes

The Kat in the Attic



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