Illustration Illustration Letters from Hell Cover A comic I wrote and Illustrated called Letters from Hell, this is the cover, with the cover I wanted it to be colourful to contrast the interior which was black and white :) 150836376 Ashcan Cover The cover of an ashcan created by me and another Illustrator called Dave Powell, we both drew an image for the front cover, his is the one on the left and then I compiled them into a front cover design for the Ashcan :) 150836377 Dee and Okault's A cover for another of my comics, Dee and Okault's Detective and Heroing Agency. 150836379 Dee and Okault's comic page One of the interior pages of Dee and Okault's, the medium used for the pages was a combination of ink, watercolours and pencil crayons creating a more vibrant look to the comic. 150836380 The Girl without a Heart A four page story about a girl who has no ability to love. It was originally spotted with bits of colour but I actually prefer the black and white version. This was one of the stories in the Ashcan :) 150836381 The G Team A T-shirt design, it is the A Team if they were women. 150836382 Helicopter Ride 150836385 Dee and Okault's, Issue 2, Interior page A page coloured but without the boxes put on yet. This is at the beggining of the comic where Lily is getting increasingly annoyed with confusing customers. 150836387 Squid Character Designs 150836384 Clopin Character designs for a character who will appear later on in the Dee and Okault's series. 150836386 Fairy 150836388 Red Riding Hood Yes I will aggree it is slightly dark :) this is for a series of illustrations where the vistems of the badguys in the fairytales decide to take there revenge :) Though I do think Red may have gone a little too far :) 152626798 Bitrektual My entry for the logo contest to design a logo for Voltaires new album Bitrektual :) 158110219 Refresh 164784225 Lost 164784226 Dee and Okault-New :) 164784227 Dee and Okault's 164784228 175012466